“Birth matters. It brings us into being, on many levels.” (Graphic Crowning Pictures)

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Doula Problems


I recently went to the AT&T store to have my phone looked at. I told the man at the counter that despite my phone being new, my battery seems to drain really fast. He asked me how often I turn off my phone. Well, never. I’m a doula. I’m on-call. I can’t do that! He promptly popped out the battery, and explained that I need to turn my phone off at least once a day, even if only for a minute. My hands were sweating, my heart was racing…


Turn my phone back on! Don’t you understand I have to be available at ALL times? I can NOT miss a call. Talk about the longest 60 seconds of my life.



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Some breastfed babies don’t want to be covered!

In response to the “Babies don’t mind being covered” comments circulating around, my daughter and I would like to show you how she feels when being covered. Some babies do mind. Breastfeeding is not shameful. It is natural and normal.

By: Laney Sweet // Doula @ The Birthing Tree & creator of Lend Me Your Boob

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