Doula Package: $900

We will start out by doing a complementary, no-obligation interview. During this interview you can ask me any questions that would help you better understand what my role of a doula will be. We’ll discuss your previous birth experiences and get to know each other! I prefer for your partner to be there as well. I want to make him feel comfortable and involved.

Once we are under contract, you will:

-Have access to 24/7 emotional and informational support to help you prepare for your birth, by phone or email contact, throughout your entire pregnancy.

-Have full use of my extensive lending library full of books on the topics of: Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Newborn Care, and Gentle Parenting Techniques.

-If you would like to birth in the water, I have a professional grade Birth Pool available for your use – included in services! Purchase of liner is sold separately and required. ($20 or $40, depending on which liner you would like.)

-I will meet you and your partner for an in-home prenatal appointment around 37 weeks to formulate a birth plan, discuss your pain-management preferences, teach your husband many hands-on comfort techniques to use during labor and talk over any concerns/fears/hopes. ​

-When you go into labor, I will meet you wherever you feel the most comfortable and safe. We will labor together until it is time to transfer to your birthing space. I will encourage a peaceful and supportive environment where you feel loved, safe, supported and empowered.

-You will be fully supported through all of the stages of labor and birth. Once your baby is born, I will help with getting baby skin to skin and latched for breastfeeding as soon as you are ready. I will remain with you up until your family is ready to have private time to bond with your precious newborn.

-I will come back to you to do a postpartum visit where we will talk over your experience. I can help with breastfeeding and refer you out to the appropriate resources if you are having trouble.

-At our postpartum visit I will bring back your finished Placenta Encapsulation capsules, a canvas print and umbilical cord keepsake. This is my free gift to you!


Placenta Encapsulation Package: $200


-Prenatal counseling on the history, logistics and preparation, by email or phone
-Placenta pick up and finished product delivery
-All materials and supplies
-Approximately 80-120 placenta pills
-One high quality Canvas Print
-Complementary Umbilical Cord Keepsake
-Suggestions for recommended use
Placenta Tincture: $50


-Prenatal counseling on the history, logistics and preparation, by email or phone
-Placenta pick up and finished product delivery
-All materials and supplies
-One 2oz amber bottle of prepared Tincture
-Suggestions for recommended use

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