My name is Laney Sweet and I am a DONA-trained birth doula. I am a homemaker to my husband of five years and to our two beautiful daughters. I practice attachment parenting and believe my knowledge of babywearing, bed-sharing and breastfeeding can be of great use to my clients. I am the creator of Lend Me Your Boob, a Facebook page dedicated to educating via support on the topics of milk-sharing and breastfeeding. I am also a member of BirthNetwork and in the process of starting a BirthNetwork chapter in Hood Co., where I reside. I draw from my personal childbirth experiences to offer a more in-depth understanding of how support, or the lack of, can greatly determine the feelings a mother has when she reflects back on her birth experience. After having two very different birth experiences – an unsupportive hospital birth followed by a supportive home/water birth – I developed a passion for childbirth and sharing evidence-based information among my community. I have learned that every woman births differently and every woman is equipped with primal instincts that will help guide her through her journey. As a doula, my goal is to help follow and enhance those natural instincts in a way that feels comfortable to the expecting mother. Through compassion, a calming presence and continuous support, I am honored to watch babies and parents be born. Among my doula service, I also offer various other services cherished by my clients including: Placenta Prints & Encapsulation, Birth Pool Rentals, Babywearing 101 Classes and Belly Casting. Congratulations on this exciting time in your life and please feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have!

Serving Dallas/Fort-Worth and the surrounding areas.



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