Until we meet again…

Today I went and did a postpartum visit for my dear clients. I had such a wonderful time reliving the birth through the parent’s eyes and spending time with the whole family. I will work on getting his birthstory up soon, so I’ll be saving those details until the next post. Baby Lucas was born two days ago and it was a beautiful homebirth. I wanted to schedule a visit as soon as possible so I could bring mama her finished placenta encapsulation and prints.


I planned to also bring them a hot meal, because I know how much of a difference that made for me after my birth. Before heading out, I cooked a large pot of spaghetti sauce. I packed up my bags and got in the car. Along the way I stopped at the store for a few quick things I needed to finish making dinner at their house. Upon arriving, I was welcomed by daddy and mama sitting on the couch with baby. They were enjoying an episode of Breaking Bad (seriously the best show in the history of television!)


I washed my hands and started to prepare a salad, bake bread and boil the noodles. Her older kiddos were still at school and would be arriving home soon. I got mama a cup of water and gave her the placenta pills to start taking.


As I was waiting on dinner to finish I sat and talked to mama about how breastfeeding is going. I was happy to hear that baby Lucas is doing a great job at latching and they are both enjoying their breastfeeding relationship. I made mama and daddy a plate of food just as some company was walking in the door. Their pastor and his wife came to say hello and hear about the birth. The midwife arrived shortly after that and we all said a prayer blessing Lucas and the family before their friends left. Rosetta (the midwife) had to follow up with them for their postpartum visit as well so I took the opportunity to get some other stuff done. The older kiddos came home and I told them that I had a suprise for them, if they would be my helper. I was able to get them to eat food and then they helped me clean the entire kitchen and do the dishes. I started the dish washer and then we went to their rooms to tidy up. They were so helpful and eager for the reward! They cleaned their room spotless and we had a bit of fun along the way.



Turns out the mask wasn’t a good look for me. Oh well šŸ˜‰ After we gathered laundry and had the rooms looking good I asked them to help me do ONE more thing. Something sweet and special.


We presented mom, daddy and Lucas with a (belated) birthday cake and we all joined in on signing him Happy Birthday to celebrate his birth and babymoon.


And then it was time for CAKE! We ate some and cleaned up the dishes again, and then I took the older boys to the park across the street. We raced, laughed, ran through a muddy field and had a blast at the park. When we made it back home the midwife was just leaving. I got some baby snuggles too ā™„


I had time to talk to mama and daddy about the birth and found closure with their experience. I told them how proud I was of them and that it was such an honor to be their doula. It’s always bittersweet ending our business relationship, but my clients will always live in my heart and be on my mind. I hope we’ll remain friends and I can one day tell Lucas how strong his mama was and how supportive his daddy was at their beautiful birth.


As I was leaving out the door Laura’s second youngest son insisted on saying bye to me… Four times. And then kissed me on the lips! Hah! Talk about a ladies man! These parents are raising four handsome young men.

It’s not goodbye.

Until we meet again,
Your doula -Laney-


2 thoughts on “Until we meet again…

  1. I don’t know how I missed this but I’m see this as Lucas will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I am in tears, it is bittersweet. You did so much for us in the short time that we spent together. I am truley thankful for you and all you did. I’m not sure how the day I had him would have been if things had worked out differently, but I am so glad that you were there when I needed you. I will forever be thankful for your dedication to me and Lucas. And I hope it will not be long til we do see you again.

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